About Us

About Us:

CSA specializes in gaming and technology event staffing, field support, on camera hosts, and talent management. Our company was founded on the ideal of providing video game and technology companies with representatives who have experience, notoriety, passion, and an authentic relationship with the brand.

Gamers share an instant connection with other gamers. As such, all CSA team members have been hand-selected based on their gaming expertise, fan-following, outgoing personalities, and marketability. Unlike traditional staffing companies who have open registration, CSA provides only vetted and verified talent. This ensures professionalism, confidence, and topical proficiency when engaging with consumers and press.

In addition to professional representation, sponsors of CSAgency pro-gaming talent enjoy the attention of a very active, very targeted competitive gaming fanbase. The esports demographic makes a point to support contributing brands, especially those attached to their favorite players. CSA proudly represents a selection of the most popular and best-performing gaming talent across several of the most-played and most-watched games.

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In our world advertising is everywhere; personal interaction is the foundation for growth and success. At CSA we believe successful promotions and brand awareness is about building genuine consumer relationships.