Rydia Vielehr

Rydia Q Vielehr aka Miz Sylver has been gaming since a very young age, her first convention being the Nintendo World Championships. She has been a Special Guest at PAX East & TempleCon and is a frequent Dungeon Master at tabletop conventions. Rydia has also written Dungeons & Dragons adventures for Wizards of the Coast. More recently, she has taken over organizing at StreetPass Boston.

She has an ever-growing collection of gaming devices ranging from an original NES to the Virtual Boy to Playstations galore to her dual-booted Mac and more. Favourite titles include Pokémon, Final Fantasy, and Smite.

In addition to her gaming ventures, Rydia also works as a professional actress, singer, model, and voice-over artist.

Whatever her current gig, Rydia is always known for her reliability and extreme enthusiasm.

Location: New York

  • Gamertag mzsylver
  • Favourite Genres Yes (okay okay... Action, RPG, Racing)
  • Longest Gaming Spree 5 days
  • Obsessions Bacon, Corvette Stingrays, Sephiroth, Ray Bradbury
  • Type of Gamer Hard Core
  • First Game Addiction Super Mario Bros 1
  • When did you start gaming 7 years old
  • What do you love about gaming?

    In the game world, you can do anything. Gaming can be done anytime, anywhere - with friends, family, or strangers.

    Plus, who doesn't love destro- I mean, helping your friends in battle...?

    Game on!