Polt Secures P-1A Visa; Returns to America

Wed 8th Jan 2014 - 2:25am eSports Polt Secures P-1A Visa; Returns to America

If Choi “Polt” Seong Hun could not convince US Immigration that he was worthy of a P-1A visa, it would be difficult to imagine a professional Starcraft 2 player who could. Already a recipient of a student visa that allowed him to live in the US so long as he maintained academic excellence at University of Texas: Austin, Polt was forced to divide his time between classes and practice. Nevertheless, in the past three years, Polt has earned the “Triple Crowne” (three premier tournament victories in Europe, North America, and Korea), received a personal endorsement deal from CM Storm, and secured back-to-back victories in the WCS North American Finals.

Polt was the perfect visa candidate...and in fact, he was the first to be approved by immigration. His final interview was delayed due to travel, but in 2014, Polt has returned to North America as a professional athlete in the eyes of the American law. With the last external burden lifted from his shoulders, Choi “Polt” Seong Hun is ready to show the world what he is capable of when he’s able to focus his full attention on Starcraft 2.

 Andrew Tomlinson, Founder/Owner:

"Seong Hun is one the most remarkable people I have ever met. I remember sitting in the audience when Polt won his first Championship in Korea in May of 2011, little did I know I would be working alongside him for three more championships by 2013. His ability to adapt and to make the most of situations has enabled him to achieve greatness where others can only struggle to stay afloat. I admire Polt, and I'm proud to work with such a driven, talented player."

Choi "Polt" Seong Hun:

“In 2013, I moved to the US and went to school while I was still being a progamer. I was really enthusiastic at both gaming and studying in the beginning. Even though I lost first few matches in 2013 since I had to adjust to new surroundings, my form was getting better. However, I got exhausted in few months. I had been working too much and sleeping too little. Meanwhile, I heard there is a visa I can get as a progamer and started to prepare for getting the visa. Fortunately, I have succeeded and come back to the US. I want to say I appreciate to my manager Andrew and CSA for doing this series of process rapidly and accurately."


CSA Would like to thank:

Jacqueline Geller, Paul Sams, & the eSports Team - Blizzard Entertainment
Raymen Wu - Global Marketing Director of Cooler Master
Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham - TwitchTV
Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt & Zach “Mioff” Mazzotta - Machinima
Russel Pfister - NASL

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