Choi Seong Hun

The poster-boy for a successful pro-gaming career.

Polt began competing in Starcraft 2 under Team Prime and gained attention early on with dominating wins over several top-ranked players. His ultimate victory in Korea was a 4-0 triumph over SlayerS favorite MMA at the 2011 GSL Super Tournament. While preparing and competing towards this final, Polt maintained a perfect GPA at top-tier Seoul National University, studying biomedical engineering and English.

Polt's breakout GSL victory and fluent English earned him fans around the world. Foreign tournaments invited him and he rose the to occasion at ASUS ROG Winter 2012 in Finland, toppling major Korean and European players on his way to 1st Place. Only North America remained to be conquered. When 2012 ended, he cut ties in Korea and moved to America (specifically Austin, Texas) in order to study English, and, more importantly, to explore a solo career in Starcraft 2.

With the freedom to control his own practice schedule, and the support of his management team, Polt's abilities expanded exponentially. At the 2013 MLG Spring Championships, Polt won 8 matches straight to claim 1st Place, to the resounding cheers of "USA! USA!" He secured himself the elusive Starcraft Triple Crown, 3 victories in 3 global territories. Then immediately, he went on to a 1st place finish at the WCS Season 2 North American Finals, qualifying to represent America at the WCS Global Championship in Cologne, Germany.

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