Anna Robinson

Capable professional, all-around talent.

Having graduated magna cum laude with dual degrees in Speech Communication and International Studies with a Spanish minor, Anna is well trained as a multi-faced communication and performance professional. Combining education with years of performance experience, Anna is known for her ability to think on her feet, learn quickly, and come prepared. She has been the winner of numerous competitive speaking and interview awards, notably being crowned Miss Oregon USA 2011. She is never more at home than when her skill in performance collides with her passion for video games.

In 2010, Anna left her job at a Fortune 500 financial firm in favor of a full-time eSports career, joining the Team Evil Geniuses management staff and moving into the “EG Lair” training facility. Since then she has represented organizations such as Major League Gaming, The North American Star League, The IGN ProLeague, Wargaming, and Gamespot, as well as major brands such as Monster Energy, Intel, Kingston HyperX, Astro, and SteelSeries as a host within pro gaming. In addition, Anna has been the face of hundreds of video interviews and shorts covering gaming personalities and goings-on around the country. You won’t only find her in front of the camera though; you can see examples of Anna’s handiwork as a producer on most videos released for both EG and Alliance as well.

In addition to speaking and acting, Anna also has training in vocal performance and dance. In her free time you may find her singing StarCraft 2 Parody Songs, vlogging, or posting all manner of hijinks on YouTube. Lately, you can find her starring as “December” on “Misscliks D&D: Pirate Edition,” a show that features live Dungeons and Dragons gameplay streamed on

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