Kim Dong Hwan

The one player you can never count out.

When Dong Hwan “viOLet” Kim first entered the pro gaming scene in Warcraft 3, he was such a hot commodity that teams fought each other to contract him. Now a Starcraft 2 player, viOLet still attracts a frenzy of attention.

In December of 2011, he made the unpopular move to the United States to focus on his Starcraft II career in the foreign scene. Within months, his gamble paid off with high dividends. In early 2012, he had already started to make a permanent mark in the foreign scene by placing high in top online cups and HomeStory Cup 4. His success then culmonated to two top tier victories in Brazil and New York City with gold's at IEM Sao Palo and MLG Spring Arena respectively. Later on that year, he would go on to place second at both IPL Season 5 and NASL Season 4 which were both held in December one week apart from the other.

His personality, however, is what sets him apart. ViOLet has a command of the English language that far surpasses his Korean peers and his charm, kindness, and humor shine through as a result. His fans applaud his openness and sincerity, and one can be certain, as viOLet continues to compete, it is with them in mind.

viOLet currently plays for Team Envyus under the direction of Mike "Hastro" Rufail, one of the most well known eSport franchises in exsistence. Representing the #BoysInBlue, he is poised to make a strong run in Legacy of the Void after a top 4 finish at DreamHack Leipzig.

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Total Earned $151,456.28

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