Brittany Brown

As a Strategic and Corporate Communication graduate from Chapman University, Brittany Brown emphasizes the importance of communication theory and practice associated with the advancement of an organization's mission, services and vision through persuasive messaging in the broad organizational context, by exploring the purposeful use of communication.

Brittany Brown began her career as a host just over two years ago. She started by creating her own radio show at her local community college called Game Over, that talked about video game news, eSports, and featured well known individuals in the eSports scene. After grossing 7,000 listeners per episode, CBS Interactive gave Brittany the opportunity to interview professional players as a video journalist for Soon after, she moved on and began a full time job as an assistant producer and media personality for AzubuTV. Since working for AzubuTV, Brittany has gone on to work for various companies such as ESL, Red Bull, and Twitch.

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