Nathaniel Fabrikant

Nathaniel "Nathanias" Fabrikant started in esports as a competitor in the 2012 MLG StarCraft 2 Circuit. Building himself up as an SC2 player while establishing the Collegiate StarCraft team for Penn State, Nathan took a chance with commentary through the IPL Caster Search Competition. Afterwards, Nathan began covering hundreds of hours of content online for IEM, Dreamhack and many others through his personal stream.

In 2013 Nathanias was given a shot by Dreamhack to cover a live event as a main commentator, and hasn't slowed down since. Nathan has covered the largest SC2 events since then, including Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, Blizzcon, and Redbull's Battlegrounds series. Since then, Nathan has also taken a hosting role at several Dreamhack events, as well as commentating the first American open for Heroes of the Storm after its release in 2015.

Nathaniel holds an esteemed position in the StarCraft community as not only one of the most known and respected Commentators/Analysts, but also as a skilled player maintaining a top 100 position on the SC2 ladder. Nathan spends the majority of his time growing his personal stream where he regularly tops the viewer category for StarCraft, providing insightful commentary and high level gameplay.

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