Talent Management

Talent Management

In a climate where the players are everything, we're the people in your corner always fighting for your best interests.

Interested in finding a team? We're here to help you negotiate your contract to ensure you receive the right deal, and that you can have peace of mind to focus on performing.

Would you like to become your own brand? Suppot your own sponsors?

No problem, we're here for that as well.


  • Sponsor Acquisition
  • Sponsor/Team Contract Negotiation & Review
  • Brand Development
  • Travel Logistics
  • Money Collection
  • Immigration Assistance & Visa Acquisition
  • PR Management
  • On Call 24/7
Event Talent

Event Talent

Professional and reliable event talent will fuel a crowd. CSA has some of the most well known event hosts/commentators in the gaming and technology industries.

Event hosts are skilled and confident public speakers hired to emcee and entertain attendees, introduce players/products and perform interviews.

Commentators are knowledgable game specialists that bring you the play by play and analysis of the game as it unwinds.

CSA talent have become celebrities in the gaming industry and generate buzz by leveraging their followings to engage audiences at events across the globe.

  • eSport Events
  • Tradeshow Events
  • Livestream Activation
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Celebrity Apperances
  • Panels & Talk Shows
Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

It’s not just about the product or service. Our job is not only to setup an environment where the consumer knows and enjoys your product. Our job through our experiential marketing & brand ambassador programs are to connect the audience directly with your brand. With a little time and work, your target audience IS your 21st century billboard advertisement; and they do so happily.

  • Tradeshow Booths – “Play vs. The Pro” events.
  • Online & Offline Live Competitions
  • Unique Field & Event Marketing
  • Targeted content creation – “Viral” videos.
Event Staffing

Event Staffing

Gamers share an instant connection with other gamers. As such, we have an extensive network of gamers available in every major U.S. city .

CSA staff are experts when it comes to tradeshows, event marketing, and representing your brand the way you want.

We know we care about who represents our company, so we take pride in making sure the people who represent yours are well qualified and screened before being placed into the field.

  • Thoroughly screened
  • Genuine Gamers
  • Personal Assistants
  • Tech Assistants
  • Costume Talent
  • Brand Ambassadors